Symphonic orchestra CONCORD ORCHESTRA unites professional musicians from Russia and Europe on a mission to take a brand new look at music and make symphonic concerts exciting and memorable.

The conductor and the artistic director of CONCORD ORCHESTRA is Fabio PIROLA, an Italian who has always dreamt to work in Russia. The orchestra is now seven years old. In 2010, Fabio had an idea to gather a team of the most flamboyant musicians in Saint-Petersburg. Since then the orchestra has produced three original programs (SYMPHONIC ROCK-HITS, SNOW-WHITE BALL by Johann STRAUSS, TANGO of PASSION by Astor PIAZZOLLA ); has given over 300 concerts in the remarkable venues in Russia, including the Big Kremlin Palace in Moscow and the Ice Palace in Saint Petersburg, and has collaborated with the musical stars from all over the world. The main value of CONCORD ORCHESTRA is the quality of their performance. Judging from the feedback and the reception the musicians get from the audience, they are on the right track.

The core of the orchestra, the conductor Fabio Pirola was born in one of the most important artist family in Milan. He graduated from the “Gaetano Donizetti” State Conservatory (Italy), the Juilliard School (USA) and the International Summer Academy of the Mozarteum (Austria). As a true Italian, Fabio fills the concerts with excitement, temperament and emotionality.

CONCORD ORCHESTRA is truly universal. They perform all kinds of music – from classic to folk, from the masterpieces of cinema soundtracks to the legendary rock music. It is important to them to play the music they love and always add an unexpected twist to the show to wow the audience.