Irish Celtic

“Thrilling Irish dance and magnificent folk music from finest musicians of Ireland”

Over two hours, before the bell rings for last orders, over various glasses of whisky, and classic Irish humour, Paddy reveals to his son the secrets of the Emerald Isle and the legends of her people, where the dance and the music is a principle of life. The ancient artefacts, dust-covered history books, letters in bottles, and antique photos that adorn the walls of the pub provide the touchstones for the stories that take the audience on a fabulous journey across the generations, enriched by thrilling Irish dance, and magnificent folk music from the finest musicians of Ireland.

The show includes the best dancers from the top Irish dance companies, who show their infectious love for dance and their incredible talent, in extremely high energy, dance routines, with explosive rhythms, and nail-biting precision. Irish Celtic crew welcomes the audience as new friends. Convivial and hospitable as always, they share an unforgettable moment of music, storytelling and dance with the viewers and that, in one of the greatest pubs of Ireland, the way only the Irish know how.

Through their spectacular dancing and passionate thrilling music, they recreate scenes from throughout Celtic history, from the days of the druids, the great migrations, the voyage of the Titanic, Braveheart and The Last of the Mohicans.

So come down to the Irish Celtic pub, meet Paddy and the people of Ireland, have a drink of the best Irish whisky, and discover the songs, legends, traditions and dances of a culture, whose heritage is as rich as it is old.

As they say in Ireland : “There is no such thing like a stranger, only friends we haven’t met. Sláinte !”