CARMEN starring Natalia Osipova

Europe Tour to be announced soon…

Prosper Mérimée’s timeless story of love, passion and murder leaps offstage to merge with the real lives of the show’s dancers in this contemporary adaptation.

City Lights Entertainment presents Carmen, starring international ballet superstars Natalia Osipova (The Royal Ballet) and Isaac Hernández (English National Ballet).

Created by acclaimed Dutch choreographer Didy Veldman, this show allows the audience to see the characters of Carmen, Don José and Escamillo not only on stage, but also offstage, where dancers foster their own relationships. The famous story that they have been re-enacting is slowly entering their everyday lives.

Using hilarious quick changes, the dancers move in and out of character, making reality less certain. With strong physical movement language, theatricality and a quirky sense of humour, this production bursts with energy and shines a new light on multi-award winning Natalia Osipova.

Veldman says: ‘I’d like the audience to truly get to know Natalia Osipova, showing her strength, vulnerabilities, passion and insecurities on stage. When I look at Natalia, I can’t help but think of Carmen. I want to tell a story of the actress on and offstage and to show the audience a miracle of transformation.’